Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


good stuff kevo85 me and a mate went to spencer park this morning and down by the mouth south side at 5.30am but we thought it was a little bit rough with a big dumper out on a sand bar that we couuldnt get out past so we did not fish… if i new that there were eles about i would of had a fish but my mate only had thigh gumboots and a newby to this wading out to get out into the fish so went back home to the wife( her birthday tomorrow so will be a free man as of 2morrow she has a week long birthday were i have to do any thing she says DONT any one else get caught in this trap) hopefully the weather holds good and can get out spencer early next week for a to get tua-tua and crabs this afternoon on low tide what did you catch them on and what was the tide think the paper had the tide wrong for this moring was high at 10am but the morining going along the beach looked like it would be high approx 7.30–8am