Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


A legal size Snapper is typically 3-4 years old, others might have a reference chart but I would estimate a 50cm snapper would be around 10 years of age.

Went for a Surfcast tonight at Seaview, got there around 8pm which was right on high tide. Conditions were overcast with no wind, Sea had no chop but a decent swell at times. Fished two rods, one baited with Crab the other I trialled mussel dreaming of hooking a Moki. After landing a Red Cod on the Mussel that idea was abandoned so I fished two crab baits. Around 9pm landed a decent Rig, around 9:45pm landed a second this time much smaller. I then packed up and went home. Both rig put up a very good fight for their size.

A few others on the beach, think they caught a few Red Cod and small school sharks.