Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Late one night many years ago , was catching red cod , and every now and then Id think I hooked one and WHAM big pull and nothing …….this happened 3 times before I got pissed off and struck the shit out of of it just as I thought I felt another cod hook … the shit hit the fan
10 minutes later I landed a huge conger , well over 6 feet long

I ripped open its guts , and found 4 red cod with torn mouths …..mystery solved …..

Would have been really interesting to see what something like a thresher shark might have been feeding on …… like the ele I caught the other night …nothing but crabs , 2 of which Ive only seen in the harbours ….

Can learn a lot from gut contents ….

Mullet , 11lb is a good eating size schoolie …..not unusual for Kaik’s …..its down here we want the big ones ….like the 145lber off the pier ……how insane a fight would that have been