Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


The structure to the left of the access road to the beach at Coopers is indeed a pipe system that was used for controlling the lagoon levels,it is now jammed up with shingle,I had alook the other week,

It used to run out quite along way further and years ago I used to run down it as far as i dare to cast out, My ex wife hooked a Moki off there once, crazy as it seems….,

The structure to the right is a controlled outlet for the Salmon farm, Im not sure if it is still in use as sutch but it used to attract a lot of salmon fisherman, me included. I have seen people scoop netting whitebait there too, also was there one day when the smolt were released of which alarge number died of the shock and were washed up on the beach by the thousands.

I havent fished there for anything other than Salmon, any of you guys tried it for Rig or Eleies?

and yes you are right there Birdlings, Ill be out there doing it, thats the main thing,Thanks.

Cheers, Hipp