Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Awesome ………I saw one pop out the front of a wave there many years ago ….one swipe of its tail and it was back out to sea ….

Fished down from Baileys last night , 6ish till near 10 …..6 rig and an ele between seahunter and my old man ….
Sea was flatish , probably a bit lumpy for fishing 2lb line but why not I thought ….just caught the one fish , healthy cow ele of around 12lb , maybe more …Id be guessing a 20 minute fight – ending some 2-300 mtrs south …

As with further East at Baileys proper , crabs were stripping the baits but vanished at about 9ish …..loads of dolphins around , 2 trawlers out in front of us and some massive bird workups half a mile out ……about a dozen gannets were pounding down into it …….very impressive

Funniest moment was the old mans first fish , huge bender , oodles of line stripped and big fight ….till this 5lb rig turns up at his feet ….we were all sure it was a big fish