Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


AHHH! we saw you I was on the first quad that went past..I saw your fish and gave you a toot.great fishing mate.. :grin: :grin: .great rig!any photos?

CONDITIONS TODAY..very blustery with a wind blowing on shore from the sea..very choppy sea..but all this may change in the evening..bunch of fishos down there trying their luck today..they dont look too flustered..I will be having an evening shot if the wind and breakers go down..(fishable but blustery)2.30 pm..the eles seem just in the waves at the not casting far enough aint an issue..cheers

Bloke from the salmon farm in akaroa harbour reckons some of the fishing fleet are cleaning their fish just inside the harbour and theres a few orca hanging about…and a few large shark types…