Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Always seem to get seven gillers at the beach in front of the railway station most times I’ve been up. Also get Congers, Red Cod, School Sharks, Stingrays, lots of kahawai if you cast a lure. There’s a few places a bit further north not sure what they’re like but the one I checked out looked different to the railway station beach somehow just how the waves were breaking not sure if it’s deeper or not.

Went to Wakanui this afternoon about 3pm and stayed till 11pm. Was a bit rough when I got there but easily fishable and got calmer through the day. First fish was a red cod, turned out to be the only fish or even bite for 5 hours not even a dogfish. Had one rod out with crab and other with mullet. As soon as it hit dark I started getting bites and one small run on the crab rod and not long after landed a tiny rig. Also got my first dogfish of the day not long after that.. Casted out fresh crab baits again but no luck for the next hour so packed up.

8 hours of fishing for 1 red cod, 1 doggie and a tiny rig. I really got no idea why there seemed to be no fish in the water most of the day not even a single dogfish. Worst day fishing in a long time.