Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011

shark slayer

Went for a surf cast the other night,got a huge conger not long after my first cast,best fight i have ever had with a conger it even jumped out of the water two or three times.Took a photo but you can hardly see it as my headlamp was nearly dead so i couldn’t light it up very well and my phone has no flash…really need to get a digital cam.Here’s it is anyway <a href="“> it was well over 6 foot long and probably 30 lb or more.Then i got a big skate <a href="“> .Was to hard to fish after that, the crabs were out in force wich is weird for that spot,maybe all that fresh water running out brung them in,bait’s were lasting seconds,caught a few of them aswell <a href="“>.was a nice night out though,with the full moon and calm water.