Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011

shark slayer

hey i try,i got a few red cod at birdlings/aerials a while ago,other than that it’s pretty much doggys and skate.if you try at birdlings i would go to bayleys beach were its sandy and fish the afternoon/evening for red cod.I went up to kaikoura aswell thurs night,fri,came home sat.First cast upon arriving and bam!straight into a red,got a few more and went to bed as it was to cold…super cold even the sand was frozen like a rock by 8pm,was pretty rough sleeping in the tent,the bloody dog kept kicking me off the blow up mattress and stealing the blankets cos he was cold haha.Friday wasnt the best,got a couple reds in the morning then it went dead so i went to the kowai river mouth for a look and had lunch and a couple of beer’s in the sun while i watched a couple of longliners pull in there set….25 hooks 4 doggys haha they didnt look to impressed either.Then they took the doggys off the hook and just dumped them on the beach,that sort of ignorant shit winds me up,i was gonna educate them but couldnt be bothered with conflict ruining my trip so i grabbed the doggys myself and released them..they swam away ok.The next day i fished a new spot and got 5 reds a few doggys and four skate all in about an hour and a half,the skates were hard to land because of the swell{released them all].Decided i had caught enough so headed home,caught 11 keepers all about 16 but let a few go because they had been on the 40 hour famine haha.Heres some pics..“> of them…“>..shoulda let this one go it had a twisted bottom half,must of had an injury or something it was bizzare looking…“>..they were all nice size 60cm+,biggest was 68cm.