Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Fished Pier on Friday night. Windy as and rough. First cast crab bait, 15lb rig. Not much happened for a while then a 9lb rig and packed up for the night.



Had a look up at the Pier Saturday night, same windy and rough but lots of weed in the water and drizzling, so headed over to the fishing wharf at Lyttelton for a bit, got kicked out at 9 because they close the gates. Went round to governers bay for a look, but the jetty is closed off with earthquake damage. Went for a bit of a drive and ended up at the Diamond Harbour Wharf. Cast out the same trace and crab bait from earlier and within 10 minutes hooked up to what felt like a monster rig, headed towards what looked like rocks and rough bottom so tightened the drag right up, still didn’t stop then the trace snapped. Thought it must’ve taken me into foul ground but after inspecting the trace it had snapped at the dropper loop. Same 80lb trace I used to pull up a 15lb rig at the pier the night before. Cast out again had a few small hits then finally hooked up again, 10 minutes later as I was trying to land it my other rod went off with a seven giller. Got the rig up the stairs then landed the giller.

Rig weighed 22.5lbs, my first over 20lb.

After that the sea lice got really intense, baits were lasting literally 5 minutes in the water. Did have a long slow run on a whole mackerel which was most likely a stingray but dropped the hooks when I put pressure on. Cast out some small hooks and caught a mullet and a warehou, some of the area around there could have potential for moki.