Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011

tackles hack

no luc last night. sea rough at times perfect conditions 4 beers. long line out they were on the ele. seems 2 be anything with a spike was big enough. shame really only 2 good size fish the rest still should of been released. go the long liners…. off we went beers and beers. the best sleep i had since day 1 .. shoulder got far more movement now. had phone call this mornin me cobber wanted 2 do all the work so picked him up and off 2 the tree we went. his castin is pretty sad but the tree seemed 2 let them no we were there….4 big cows even 1 bycatch good times were had.. even my cobber caught a ele. i been 2 the tree 3 times in the last 2weeks…. score 13 ele 1 bycatch and he is 4 tea