Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


went out to bayleys and got down the beach at 5.30 went down a km or so from the drive track to the beach, when i got there aother fisho just caught a good size ele up the beach by the track, i started fishing with 2 rods,nothing first baits so rebaited a nd as i was thoughing out 1 rod the other bent over toward the horizon so quickly through it out ran up and put it in the rod holder and ran to the other rod, played it for a while and landed a good size rig bait was crayfish.. went and fix the other rod and then cleaned and put away rig.can back the the other rods line was all loose so i wind in that and bugger me a nice size ele was on that, must of been on for a while as it didnt fight much, so in half hr got 2 fish, stayed till 8.30pm and only got 1 baby grey boy(returned) so a good 1st time out this season for me..ele bait was tua-tua