Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Like everywhere else fishing is best over the summer months. November – March but best is probably December – February. You can fish off the wharf for various species (mullet, red cod, warehou, carpet sharks, stingrays, moki, salmon, congers, barracouta, terakihi etc). Have heard of trevally and trumpeter as well but never seen it myself and most likely like the terakihi you get there they will be baby ones. Off the breakwater you can get the same species but seems to be more moki on the south side and kahawai which I’ve never caught in the harbour itself for some reason. Never fished for rig or eles around the harbour or breakwaters but you get them off the beaches to the south and north of timaru. For the moki smallish hooks and shellfish or bits of prawn work well. A sabiki type trace with small hooks and baits has caught me just about everything off the wharf (mullet, warehou, terakihi, red cod, salmon, moki, dogfish). Don’t cast out far off the wharf unless you want to get plauged by dogfish and carpet sharks just drop straight down.

Have had a few big hits and runs on my small rods with sabiki traces dropped off the side off the wharf, most likely big salmon or moki, or possibly stingrays, congers or sharks getting hooked up in the trace swimming past.