Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


been absent a while so thought id put im my 8 cents fished pier last weekend with Zac and pier master managed a 17.1lb rig fished amberley the next night got a 14ish poound rig, the weekend just been fished amberley sat morning shit conditions with alot of crap in the water branches etc couldnt see this as i arrived at 2 am waves breaking 100m out at least with a huge surge , managed a ele though suprisingly and two doggys then fished sumner/scarborough the sat night and got a nice 14lb rig on the out going tide, gave up around midnight as too many lice stewaling my crab and too much lettuce around.

So in all this season hasnt been too great so far but will improve managed 14 rig thus far all keepers and 3 eles