Re: Latest Catches


Went to kaikoura last night to fish off the wharf. Was a bit choppy when we first got there so it didnt look too flash. But we grabbed the gear and set up anyway.
Dropped a berley bomb over the side and set up the rods.
Could see small moki under the lights but no herrings, mackeral etc.. The occasional piper. but that was about it.

Another couple down there were fishing directly beneath the light and were hooking up on heaps of moki. Alot of undersize though. but good ones as well.

Wind died down as the tide came in. And we started hooking up on moki. We kept 6, 4 around 42cm and another 2 around 50cm.
(Thanks to the guys who mentioned prawns for bait :D)

Hooked what I think was a fairly decent moki., had my 8ft rod well bent over and was taking a heap of line.. But he wrapped me up around one of the poles.

We also got a small conger eel.
There were heaps of barracouta about but they werent too interested in anything we had. Tried lures, bait under floats, and hook and bait with no sinker.. They’d grab it and we’d give them slack to run for a while but they were not attacking anything hard.

There was some sort of shark down there too.. About 6ft long. and some other guys said they had seen one another night.
It kept coming up the berley trail and had a bite at the berley holder a couple of times. Tried to dangle some squid in front of its nose.. but he wasnt interested.

So was a good night in the end, Got back to chch at 7am.. And straight to sleep :lol: