Re: Latest Catches


My flatmate was up at kaikoura in the weekend, And went down the wharf both friday and saturday nights.
Seen a whole variety of fish. Barracouta, Herrings, Red cod, Squid, small tarakihi, warehou, and moki. but he said friday there was fish all over the place and then saturday they just seemed to disappear.
He also seen what he thought was either a big kahawai or a maybe a salmon. it kept coming through the light feeding on the herrings etc.
Another thing he found weird was the couta wouldnt take anything.. from salmon ticers, bait and even a small livey under a float. He said they’d come look at it and then bugger off again..
He got some moki on sabikis and his girlfriend foul hooked a takeable one on trout gear. Another guy got a conger as well.

With the variety of fish about we’re thinking we may head up for an overnight mission sometime..