Re: Latest Catches 3


Fished the pier over the weekend. Sam txt me on thursday night to come to the pier as he was onto a ray after loosing another one earlier in the night. By the time I got there the handle on his reel was stuffed and not long after the whole handle came off and we had to handline it in while someone turned the bail arm on the reel. After about an hour of pulling it in by hand it decided to run again but unfortunately no one was holding the rod when I turned around and it got caught on the seat and the line snapped after about a 3 hour fight. Later on after everyone left I hooked up on a small ray which didn’t take much to land.

Ray 1

Friday night there was three hookups with good runs that all somehow dropped the hook or were foul hooked. Some time after midnight I was on and landed the first ray of the night.

Ray 2

Not long after I had got back to the end of the pier and casted out my bait again Sam was on with another ray, the biggest of the weekend and seemed really solid, possibly pregnant.

Sams Ray

Fished again Saturday night only catching barracouta and thinking the rays were gone but I finally got one later on in the night.

Ray 3

One stingray a night and none lost for me so a good weekend. Not sure exactly why there is so many at the pier at the moment considering there has only been a few caught over the whole season and I saw none caught over December/January. Possibly on their way north from Taylors Mistake/Lyttelton/South Brighton were they seem to reside over the summer months. There was other rays lost during the week and smaller ones landed.

Also I’m sure those rays look bigger in real life than they do in the pictures lol