Re: Latest Catches 3


Went for a fish around ChCh today, went to lyttleton to try the spot by naval point, realised when I got there I had the wrong rods, went a little further up to a small jetty and tried for some mullet, nothing there either. Went back over to Sumner and tried an old spot on Beachville road, no bites, looked down and saw hundreds of little tiny fish that looked almost like those tropical neon fish in the pet shops. Ended up trying to fish the spit on the wrong side, we went over to the South Brighton part to try it from that side, couldn’t get in far enough and every cast got clogged up with seaweed.

Should have tried over by Shag Rock where it looks like it goes deeper quicker, still not 100% sure on the tide to fish the spit though, Ive been told high tide on the South Brighton side but I don’t see how joe fisher could get in there to fish, from what I saw today you’d need waders and a surf rod (both of which I didn’t have with me).

Might go back tomorrow and try the other side depending on the wind, I’ll have to make sure to bring my surf rods this time and not the 8ft which I cant cast a 3oz sinker with for more than 40m. Heading out the Kaiapoi way tomorrow too, does anyone know if the mullet are biting in the Kaiapoi river by the small wharf, or in the Waimak on the new-ish angler drive or whatever it’s called? I remember doing some work on the big tables there last year and mullet were biting like crazy, people filling a bucket of them in just an hour or 2.