Re: Latest Catches 3


went to spencer park saturday moring,drove down beach towards the whymack mouth and fished at my normal spot, got first rod in water at 5.20am pipi for bait,getting 2nd rod ready and bang the 1st rod bent over landed an elephant at 5.30am got both rod in water and was catching fish on both of them had both rods out of water some times as each rod had caught eles the action was hot caught 5 elephants and lost 2 by 7.00am approx 1 1/2 fishing got one more eley at 7.15 and then it went quite when the sun came out so packed up and was home by 8.00am the best moring fishing i have had in such a short time.. some of the eles were jumping out of the water 50mts out to sea as they were hook fighting more like ky, the sea was nice and flat but not the cleanest had alot of sand stired up in it, the biggest was 6kg the others approx 4. 1/2 -5kg an absolute wonderful few hours fishing. had deep fried fresh eles with mate at 2.30pm him listen to my storys lol