Re: Latest Catches


Wandered down to the beach this afternoon after a hunt this morning, was a bit windy but was ok casting still so set up and managed to catch a few fish with the wife and daughter having ago too.
Here’s what the daughter reeled in on her little 10foot rod, its only a spiny but quite a big specimen at that.

And here’s what gave me a decent battle and i managed to haul in with the help of my wife

It was a bit lucky as when i got in to the wave zone and went to gaff it it broke the trace so realising this had to jump into the water to gaff it luckily for me it was worn out and didnt make a last dash for the deep blue again (unfortunately though where i struck it with the gaff was over the back so was unable to release it alive again) it went 56lb on the scales. Its the first decent tussle iv had with my solaris rod and handled things no problems.
Caught several sinys and a couple of red cod also for the couple of hours we were at the beach.