Re: Latest Catches 2


Came back from Kaikoura today. Left Ashburton at about 10AM got to Kaikoura at about 12.30 on Saturday, so didn’t take as long as I expected. There was a bit of a swell but no rain on Saturday, only ended up catching dogfish. Slept the night just in the Carpark since there were at least two other cars with people camping there, one lot had a fire going on the beach most of the night. I’m not sure if that’s allowed or not. Woke up this morning feeling sick, most likely from the disgusting fish ‘n’ chips I had Saturday night. Fished for a couple hours and got 2 red cod and some dogfish. Couldn’t be bothered staying another night and it didn’t really seem worth it if it was going to be raining again Monday. The trip back wasn’t that good with the heavy rain, windy roads and nearly no tread on my two back tires.

Here’s a couple pictures, nothing exciting.