Re: Latest Catches 2

Jones Jr.

Had a great time. Left Chch on Thursday evening after work and finally got settled in the sounds by 3am! Came back Sunday. Got up around 8am on Friday and spent the day out on the water fishing, was the best day in the end as the other two were too windy to go out!

Caught some panny snapper which tasted great, and on just simple ledger rigs and squid. These smaller snapper must be less cautious so don’t need to worry about running rigs I guess? You get good bites then strike! Awesome fun. In the morning when we first headed out only 100m from the bay we saw kaiwhai as Steve mentioned, had a fun time casting hex lures out to them and catching them.

I really like the evening because it seems that alot of the pickers go away and your baits are left for the big boys. I hooked onto something big on evening but it became apparent quite shortly after it was a ray, sucked onto the bottom and cut the line. My 2nd hook up was different, had the nodding a fish does. Not a powerful gliding motion a ray does. A big snapper one can assume, fought more then a 13 pounder I got a while back. It’s teeth bit through the line though, grrrrr. I quickly made up the rig with 40lb trace, wont be so careless next time and use something a bit heavier. Got a 3rd run from a snapper but didn’t hook up, he must’ve just been holding it in his mouth.

Got another ray from the rocks on Sat but no more for me.

Each time I go up there which never seems to be enough I learn more, next time!

Cool to hear of your time up there vip_yo, good to here you got some snapper to!