Re: land based game fishing canterbury


would be really interesting to see some LBG effort put around the Sth Island over the next few years. I agree with Rocky that there is potential aorund areas like Catlins and you might be surprised what might show up if you had a livebait out in a likely spot. I’m Nth Island based but Sth Island born and have to say it blew my mind the first time i put a livebait out and saw a 15kg kingfish arrive. It seems so unlikely until you do it and they show up. Kingies are actually reasonably tolerant of cooler water (to a point obviously) and are present in good numbers right down to Wellington, no reason why they wouldn’t straggle south in OK numbers in a good year. But if you don’t fish for them (mostly livebait) you won’t even know they’re there. But yes sharks would probably be the main game.