Re: kiakoura wharf


All the terakihi I’ve seen at the wharf have been very small and undersized although greg hooked a big fish there on his sabiki which looked like a big terakihi but lost it. I’ve seen quite a few legal sized moki there at night time and the guy was using shrimps for bait. Blue cod are also possible off the wharf. As for avoiding the stingrays at the wharf, stick to small shellfish or shrimp baits. You can catch seven gillers off the wharf and somone told me the other night there’s been a mako hanging around the wharf but I highly doubt it. I think the wharf can be full of surprises, you don’t know what you might get just try different baits and methods and you could get a wide range of fish. The wharf definitely changes at night time and the times I’ve been there it’s been active with barracouta jumping clear out of the water and also squid jumping if they’re still around. You can see the moki and other fish swimming around and if it’s clear enough during the day you can see the bottom.

See this post if you haven’t already:


Spinning for kahawai/salmon/barracouta or putting a live/dead herring or kahawai under a float could be succesfull also.