Re: Keeper Hooks


I only use one genie clip and that doubles as a bait clip. I also join the sinker onto it. On the trace end I use a swivel and just tie two knots. I would not trust a genie clip on the bait end, I have had them come free while casting.

So all I use to tie my long cast rigs are

80lb line
2 swivels.
1 Genie Bent Rig Clip
2 Beads

1 circle hook
Maybe a bead or float.
80lb line or wire trace.
I either snell or crimp the line to the hook, then tie/crimp it to the swievel on the end of the rig.
I might add a bead or float to my trace.

At times I use crimps instead of knots. The less clutter the lower the chance of something going wrong. Also more clutter reduces flight distance.