Re: Groper from the Shore


Well it’s like this. The places I’ve fished I wouldn’t really expect to catch cod to be honest… once I actually fished them and saw how deep, water flow, kelp etc. I have seen totally awesome ledges but couldn’t get to them. Like in rough weather the swell turns into rollers over shallow water as you know and I’ve seen ledges that the huge swell just rolls past without breaking which means really deep water. Plus you can see by the land formations above water what it probably looks like underneath. Most rocky bays here have a shallow side that the sand has built up and then under the cliffs on the other side it goes straight down. Unfortunately it’s always been the shallow side that is accessable so far.

Until I fish a deep ledge then I can’t really rate the Catlins. As you probably know it’s often hard to tell what a rock platform is like until you actually fish it. I want a ledge where I can cast out as far as I can cast and the bait ends up under my feet because that’s how deep it is. Places like that usually go off big time. I’ve always thought around Fiordland too but I still think the Catlins may be okay if I can dial it in.

It’s a big area though so every trip is a mission in itself. If you’re ever coming down this way give me a yell. I did most of my LBG on East Cape but I’ve fished rocks all around Wanganui and Taranaki too. The South Island is proving to be a real challenge for me I admit.