Re: Groper from the Shore


Well I give it ago whenever I can but like you say it isn’t easy. I’ve done a lot of LBG in the past but the Catlins is the hardest and most dangerous I’ve done. Has miles and miles of rocky coast though. Practically all of Southland is rocky coast.

Very few access roads and scary high cliffs above the best rock formations. The swell can be unreal from the Southern ocean. It just screams out fish but I’ve done very poorly so far. All the ledges I’ve fished have been too shallow for what I’m looking for and I’ve walked miles humping a heavy pack and berley bucket. I’ve still got plenty of places left to try.

Biggest pain has been the sea lions. They’ll have a go at you. Hundreds of them in the best spots. Because of that it really only suits extreme LBG (groper, sharks) because those seals must hammer all the small fish. Catlins is the ONLY place in NZ I’ve been that I can regularly berley all day and not see a single fish of any size in the berley. I’m used to clouds of small fish in the berley trail.

Meant to be limit bags of Blue Cod off the rocks in the Catlins according to local rumour but I have yet to catch a single blue cod. If you’re ever down this way and I’m able to get away then I’m more than happy to go fishing with you. have you done much rock fishing before? It’s pretty much all I’ve done for years. I found every other form of fishing too boring after doing LBG.