Re: Groper from the Shore


To be honest it was about fifteen years ago. I just don’t want to believe that they are all gone so I’m holding onto the belief that it can still be done.

I know the best ledges were lower West Coast and there was a bit of a write up in the magazine. Apparently because the water is so shallow (by Groper standards) they put up a hell of a fight and go straight for a cave every time. So you need heavy tackle and lock up. I think they might have been using Alveys. The Groper don’t blow up either.

I remember the photos showed really nasty looking country. Still I live in the Catlins now and there’s some really impressive (but unreachable) rock formations along the coast here with massive swells even in fine weather. Most of the coast here and further south is totally unfished from land. There’s deep guts that boats can’t reach that have never been fished and I believe that is what you have to find because Groper are resident fish apparently.

Not that I advocate catching them. I’d love to but I’d have to release it I think.