Re: Free Lead for weights

Fishy Bishy

Thanks for the poke in the eye with a sharp stick Mili, actually, I was trying to quantify your bloody ramblings about some black line and discussion so I could actually understand your dribble.
Thanks also for the second eye poke, my browser history is not as your implication may suggest and that in itself shows you may in fact know a bit more about that topic too??
I personally don’t give a fat rats for anyone coming on here and slamming other members’ choices of their social media whether it be Facebook or selected forums.
Who do you think you are standing on your pedestal expressing your self proclaimed greatness about all this mindless crap anyway.
The whole point as I recall stemmed from the lack of site moderation on spammers on this site and the preference some members had circulating on an alternative social media option……. then, you appeared.
Go fishing and chill out.