Re: Forum Competition


Gidday Birdlings

How about a bit of info on the famed Birdlings Flat. I have been there once a couple of years back, just for a looksee. Assumming I park the 5.5metre campavan up at your place I going to be more or less confined to fishing around the car park area. I guess there is the odd fish caught there. If I head of down the famed Bayleys Road, is there a place I get to which is relatively close to the shoreline to fish. And is overnight camping permitted. I am really only coming over to more or less or meet up with the various forum members, make you a nice cup of tea :grin: , and share in some drinkies and tall tales on Saturday night. But it would be nice to catch a fish or two. Long range weather forecast is sunny days, what is the wind and swell that kills things over there. I will probably head out even if the comp is postponed. Yep I am a virgin Birdlings Flat surfcaster, nothing like being a new chum amongst all you Birdy People :smile: .

Cheers Trev aka Hardy