Re: Forum Competition


Way back when I was a young kid living in ChCh. Like about Four. I can remember Dad taking me to this beach. It had this one big wave and people were fishing.
It had lots of little stones on it. I can remember that I was amazed that the they were catching these silver fish, outa that real big wave. It was a big dumpa wave.
I can remember Little River. So it must have been Birdlings. And we had a Model A Ford in those days. Just realised that tonight. Must have been kahawai or herrings.
And can remember these pod things that I thought were like kelp seaweed but they were hard, and looked like a kinda flying saucer. Ellle eggs.

Yep looks like I have been to Birdlings around 1951. Drat that gives my age away a bit.

Yep swelly fella can get it wrong. Went out to the Nine Mile today, to watch my two ole mates slay the Rig. My rods are packed. Swelly Fella said 1.5metre. Got there no mates and a good 3 metre wave face booming in.

Fingers are crossed.

Cheers Trev

Cheers Trev aka Hardy