Re: Fishing the early hours


Have done loads of night fishing as well, Often areas that are completely dead during the day can have good catches at night, wharves are good places at night, when you only catch small fish during the day big fish often come in at night, plus fun too see things jumping around, A good head lamp is a very very handy thing to have cheap ones will do but are not as bright and being bright means you see more and easier, Very good if fishing from rocks, take a life jacket also if fishing from the rocks ypu slip into deep water at night with any kind of swell you dont see coming will be very dangerous, if from a boat well you should have it anyway, if from the land reflective tape or tip lights are handy especially if your drag isnt overly loud, personally id avoid baits like mullet etc as lice at times can strip them really fast, but never seemed to have a huge problem with fresh mussels tuatuas and the like , dunno if the lice just dont like them, BEst of luck mate