Re: fishing at black rock?? chch


Burley cage with burley bag inside ….half a loaf of bread crushed with 4-5 pilchards mashed into it …have 2 lots frozen and use 1 at a time

Small slither of pilchard skin on each of a few small hooks under a float in the burley will ctach them ..or try bait flies …..

The bottom is clear if you fish left hand side towards giants nose ……

The beauty of the bottom fished live bait is you dont have to worry about the tide or need an offshore wind …

Use a 4-5 oz sinker tho ….and as I said , have it on 20lb line below the swivel so if it snags you can snap it off and still land your fish

As for coutta’s ….Ive found they feed a lot deeper than I thought …..well below a livey under a balloon on many occassions ..which makes me wonder if the kingies and kahawai are the same …..

Comparing catch rates between bottom fishing and float fishing doesnt quite work , unless you fish both at the same time ….. but we did catch several on the bottom ……but with the burley I described we had them at our feet , could have shot them , of gaffed them like I did to the conger that was in the burley as well