Re: Distance Casting Rapalas


I have a couple of rods I use for this. The one I use most is a Backbone Elite 7’6″ it is tippy enpough to cast out light Rapala’s and soft enough to take up the shock with using braid but still grunty to handle big fish. If im fishing smaller water and targeting smaller fish I use my GL3 light G Loomis spin. It can handle large fish if it has to.

The biggest thing I found when using light braid was using a decent quality reel was a must. If you try to use you good OLD spin reel you have used for years you might find yourself getting alot of wind knots and tangles. You need a reel designed to fish braid, a good line lay system to lay the braid onto the spool with nice tight wraps to stop the line cutting into itself decreasing casting distance and causing clumps of line to come off and wind knots.

Tight lines…..