Re: Birdlings Flat


side on you can see its a set net drum(winch)why is the material draped over it?–one guess to hide it!Now I could find a good use for longline torpedos off the beach full of or rocket launchers..jeez they are flaunting it–hey socky I can remember switching the nav lights to stealth mode too lol

to answer Rabbit :grin: Welcome to the bullshit files :grin:
just beyond the breakers is fine
most fish are fairly close in
tua tuas or shrimp down by the cliff is firing for Blue moki at the mo
squid/crabs/shrimp/strip baits anywhere is a good guess..
shrimp and crab bait for eles/rig/-fishy baits for greyboy
pylons down the right of birdlings works well
straight out the carpark for kahawai etc..low light eve and early morning fishes well
tides mean bugger all to me..its an access thing here
watch out for the sharp end of sharks and hooks happy fishing