Re: Advice for Marlborough Sounds xmas


Snapper been on the feed since September, already gotten two over 20lb and a 14lber this year and about 9 smaller ones. Have not been out snapper fishing for a few weeks so no current info. I suppose you are land based?

Whatamango Bay can be worth a fish, drive to the eastern most entrance then walk to the end of the point, or head towards Grove Arm. There are plenty of access tracks down to points, espically between Ngakuta Bay and the Grove (The small grove wharf is also good). Access tracks are fairly easy to locate, most places where a Car can park would have a hidden track nearby. Or like Vip_yo said head to the Kenepuru or even the Mahau Sounds.

Big hint. The best fishing is around change of light. After dark the spotties stop stealing baits so things become easier.