Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


Yeah thats a cool pic . Think I passed you about the Utuwai overpass this arvo , yellow kayak onboard? I headed down to Wharanui hopeful for a Moki but they were a no show. Wind was a bastard but the sea was clear and calm . Banged out mussel , crab and prawn there were no takers so I changed to the trusty old Trev and squid and quickly had 3 of the biggest doggies I have ever caught . Big fat females with stumps for spines . Also dragged in an Octopus that was wrapped around the BOS and hooked a legal cray so took something home in the end. Saw a few Kahawai harassing bait fish right on the waters edge and I see what you mean about the birds Milli they were everywhere and a constant stream of them flying nor-east along the beach and of course my lines happened to go straight through their highway they were on . None caught but there was a couple of hits. Fished until 10pm , went home with a cray.