Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


I reckon if they’re around, you’ll catch em HLS. Same techniques used for rig work well: crabs, prawns, squid, tuatua all work. Went out Thursday afternoon/evening to Bayleys, eles were practically jumping on the hook. Caught twelve big females, all released except one tail wrapped. Guy next to me also caught a few. Went out last night, same place, same time, and blanked. Mind you only had a couple of hours last night. As for distance I don’t think it matters too much: on the steep shingle beaches I normally cast as far as I can, but I’m just a gentle flicker, none of this running up style that some of them do, using 30lb braid on a 13ftr. If night fishing the shallow sandy beaches north of chch small casts into the gutters/channels at night on a low tide works well. Hve been told a rather expensive black creature works primo, but fk that I say!