Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

sounds like a good session there croozer..good to hear the kahawai hanging around so late..are they still running ginga??havnt been on here for a while have had no internet..have only been out a handfull of times..went for my last trout sesh of the season a few weeks ago..hooked a monster just on was taking 8lb braid of the reel like nothing..after 10 mins i got a look at it..would of gone 14lb easy…it was really smart to it just stayed deep and only went on runs when it had to..after 15 mins i got it almost close enough to net then it took off towards an overhanging tree with snags..i fingered the spool and tried to stop it but it was just to good for the 8lb braid and it rubbed me off…was an exciting but fruitless end to the season for me..going for a trip this weekend with a few of the boys from work will be good to get out..been working 80 hour weeks so need a break..will post some photos..cheers :)