Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

yum yum..dolphin steaks..catch a whale appetiser and youve got a mad feed bro! have a pm ffp..sorry about the late reply mate have been busy..cheers for the pm kaituna ian that river looks real dirty but i am sure it will hold…went out yesterday eve..hooked a big ass searun..had a five minute battle that was pretty epic..then i realise i have no landing net and i was sketchy about getting to close to grab it because i fell in the ater at this spot last week and nearly drowned haha its all ggod i thought..just lift that shit out of the water like normal..braid is strong i i lift it and crack!off swims the trout with my new lure..i forgot i had a mono leader on…Fuck!I was very upset indeed..but i made up for it by scoring a 5lber tonight…yumyum searun for tea..awesome conditioned fish aswell..i shalt post a photo tommorrow :)