Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

i second that elmo have fun mili..banned facebook…they are certainly onto it haha…thats a real cool photo andy yum yum flounder…caught my first true brown trout the other day wich was released..didnt get a photo it was in poor condition pretty much came strait in..went for a flick for half an hour a fiery sea run trout around 2.5-3lb released it jumped 4 or 5 times was a fun battle..didnt have me phone with unfortunately so no photo…hey kaituna ian..i assume from your name you live near the kaituna river..have much luck in there??yea i met dazza ffp he was scouting the place out for moki..i told him he was far better off fishing the kaikoura coast when you guys go up..he reckons he just needs to convince you to target them haha i have a few spots i am willing to share so let me know if you want a pm…cheers :)