Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

different subspecies mate called get fucked fish haha just joking :grin: ..yeap been pretty bad on the eles this year but i dont think taking 6 eles for a season at conway will make them extinct…main reason i had a go at them is because i am sick of catching just moki and the blue cod and trumpeter fishing off my bay is fucked now so there is a limited and boring number of species to target…i could have caught hundreds of eles at bayleys this season but i only took 14 for the season and stopped fishing a few days before chrissy i do not eat red meat only fish and i am proud of the fact that i catch all my fish myself and dont buy fish wich means i dont fund trawling..i wanted to get a few from conway before easter when it will get raped……anyhow looks like i am finally going for a shark mish on friday..conditions look perfect at this stage..will spend the rest of the weekend chilling at the bay and will have one last go at the kingis..a reliable source has whispered they are still around……