Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

You can get a crab pot for around 25-40 dollars, i prefer the bigger ones because they hold more crabs.Weight it up a bit(i add 3 1.25kg gym weights and tie them down)place your bait,fish frame etc, in the middle of the pot and tie it down with some mono, this way the crabs have to come in to get a feed and not just sit on the outside of the pot and pick at the bait.I set it at low tide in the evening on a shallow beach, this way at high tide in the dark, your pot will be a good distance out.Let it fish as long as possible in the dark(3 hours is usually good enough)pull it in via a rope tied to the side and you should have 30-50 crabs.use the small ones whole,all the rest even large crabs cut in half.Everyone says to cut big crabs into four,but i disagree,even small rig can gulp down a big half crab,leave the legs on.As for rig fishing, here are my veiws on it.tide has no influence,on shallow beaches change of light and into dark is the time to fish,on deeper beaches during the day can be productive,you want a good swell and discoloured water though the rougher the better.short casts are generally the way to go unless its a super shallow beach but remember they are there to feed on paddlers and they generally stick close to the surf zone.As far as bait go’s,squid is shit,you may fluke the odd one but that’s it,one time i fished a good rig spot for a week during peek season with squid to test my theory,i caught no rig,then i switched to raw prawn, first cast twenty pound rig,went back to squid..nothing..back to raw prawn and another rig.cooked prawn is also shit for rig,its good on the eles because they see colour but not rig.i have baited two hook rigs with raw on one hook and cooked on the other,the raw gets hit everytime and the cooked is ignored.raw prawn is just as good as crab,but i find it dosn’t stay on as well even when wrapped good.the number 1 rig bait is paddle crab,rip off the back shell,break off the claws,take the second leg in from the claw off on each side and thread your hook through the leg socket and back out through the underbelly(I prefer 6/0)position everything so your barb is nice and exposed,wrap the legs to the hook shank and up your trace a bit wrap the sh#t out of the meat section and you are good to go.that is my opinion on rig fishing.Went out last night,only had one cast because the wind came up..but managed a small rig