Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

havn’t checked this thread for a while not much been happening by the look of it…yea ginga sounds like you got hit by a good ele aswell.. they have the best hit in the bussiness in my opinion..thats why i find them so addictive…arrived at conway at around 8 last a small rig a doggy and dropped a possible ele..wasnt feeling to flash so went to sleep early..woke up this morning late..but first cast around 7.30 got a big 12lb cow..gave a real good scrap and sat in the dropoff for a longtime..went quite after that so i stopped fishing..then a workup started about 1.5 kms out..there were dolphins going nuts all over the place..must have been at least 40 0dd..then these crazy ass german tourists show up and one guy chucks on his wet suit and flippers grabs an underwater cam and tries to swim to the workup!!haha what a dipshit..needless to say after 400m or so of struggling he came back in nearly drowned himself in the dump…i was getting ready to call westpac rescue :lol: anyhow..went for a moki fish at my spot 15 mins before ten or so wrasse..a blue cod..and 3 moki..2 were a touch under the last was a nice fish..all around luchtime..was going to go gurnard chasing but couldnt be fucked…here are some of todays photos..