Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

was meant to go to kaikoura on friday night but due to technical difficulties i only made it to conway..fished claverly early sat..just a few schoolies released..fished the reef for moki..dont really like the spot..just wrasse and maori cheifs caught..fell asleep for a while then went to conway late around 12ish…by the looks of it i was fishing 300m north of gregg and donald…fishing was slow..nothing for a few hours then got a couple of schoolies around 10lb a few dogs all released..then i thought i need to catch something for tea..just after that i caught a sole haha..i was only after eles so was surprised at the bycatch..close to the change of light i expected the eles to come on..quickly cooked up the sole and just as i went to eat it the rod buckled over..quickly rushed to the ro and a short while later a male ele was landed..would of only been around 5lb so released it in a hurry..the bugger spiked me in the wrist wich took a while but eventually it got back out thru the wash..quickly rebaite and ate the sole wich was cracker..then the rod buckled hard over and line poured out..but the rod holder pulled out and when i set the hook it pulle..FUCK! the eles went off the bite after that so all in all a shit day but oh well i had a was a good ele i lost aswell..i will be better prepare next time..i dint have my normal ele rig with is some photos…

did you get your eles in the morning gregg??