Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

i think you might be onto something there hipp..i have found getting shitfaced drunk before a fishing session or during to be super productive..and if you dont get anything at least something amusing is bound to happen…been chilling out last couple of days..went out 14km off the heads of my bay to check some territory out and plan big things yesterday..the kayak crew came out..ollie(gollyfish) and his mate(forgot your name bro) i think you know them mili…not much happening on the fish front for them but there was a group of us had a camp fire and some of ollies homebrew was consumed and shit was talked..(that homebrew was real nice)i chucked out a bait and got a nice rig around 20-22lb..wich i gave away and also foul hooked a few big crays while the rig was on haha..cheers for the pm ffp..i may head out tommorrow after a job interveiw…here is one of the moki i got the other day..