Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


Last minuate decision to go for a fish after work yesterday saw me and a cobber and his Mrs shoot down to Coopers for a fish,day before a new moon and setteld weather, conditions were plesant and with no crab available to buy and having not had the crab pot in the water due to lack of time, we used the trusty prawn, raw and cooked.
Doggies like raw prawn, not ammused!!!! I said to the fish gods, surely you can do better than this, as most of you know, we have had a bad couple of years at being Johnny on the spot when it comes to Rig and Eles, we plodded on, pleasant enough there with a nice cold stubby…my cobber announaces that he has bought the bourban bottle and some ice coke and plasic cups…”weve never had a bourbon on the beach and we need to break this curse some how, we will have a bourbon aye?” so we did, and low nad behold whilst haveing a small tipple my rod starts to wobbl;e alittle, agh another bloody doggy I thought, and with bourban in hand I start to causally wind in the line with the rod still in the holder not knowing if there was anything the or not, thinking I need to check the bait I keep slowy winding in , then all of a sudden when nearly in the rod bends over quite nicely…so after placing said bourban carfully on the beach whislt keeping the wieght on the rodtip I proceeded to land a Rig!! yes, target species no less…only a wee one, but we are on the board again and positive we have shatterd the bad juju….that said, we didnt get anymore evn though we stayed till 11.30pm lol…we live in hope:). cheers, Hipp