Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

good to see you putting in the effort mili..hopefully you pull one out this year..should have a much better chance up there than on banks peninsula..dont get the conditions here very often..the best way down here would be slide baiting at the waimak mouth but there are just far to many fisherman there for it to work..people would either start complaining or cast into your rig and tangle all your shit up..didnt get anything out of the freezer for tea so went down to grab a cast waited for 10 mins one rig around 9lb on cooked prawn so got my dinner haha..marinated in lemon juice,orange juice,cayenne pepper,cajun,soy sauce,sweet bazil,tarragon,chives,garlic.yumm :) the photo is crap and makes it look skinny but here it is anyhow..