Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


Fished Bayleys this morning ….a few good sized schoolies and 4 rig caught …..
A bird workup along the beach to our West , heading East and right in the surf zone … got 100mtrs from us and went out 200mtrs , drifted 100mtrs past us , then back into the surf zone …..

We had some burley going which no doubt attracked the sharks that bit us off twice , both times taking everything ….top swivel and everything ..
Maybe the presence of the sharks sent the Kahawai wide , or morelikely the baitfish they were feeding on ….
Later in the morning the kahawai came back West , split into two schools …

Fantastic conditions …strangely the wind was onshore further East where Joe Public goes ….sea was flat ..

I tried a live bait – large mullet , sent it out under a balloon around 60-70mtrs out and shot the balloon …sending the mullet to the bottom to swim around above a sinker …..Jaws ate all my shit lol
Will be trying that again ….

Oh , was busy catching those pesky wee schoolies about large dogfish size , 3-4lb maybe , and doing 10 things at once I mistook a doggy for a schoolie ….it had no spots and was exactly the same colour as a schoolie …spikes were nearly invisible ….tucked it under my arm to trek back to the baitboard where the long nosed pliers are , and WHAM …….tail spike buried into the forearm …..that shit hurt like a mother fucker ….would compare the pain to the stingray tail thru my leg many years ago lol ….
The fucker died a slow painful death …tomorrow he will be seagull shit …..that’ll learn him