Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

my home bay giller..they are in all the banks peninsula bays..and harbours..the old man came out today..took him out on the some pauas..anchored up on the reef..hooked a large trumpeter and lost it right by the boat..bugger..wind came up so had to call it quits..has been a shit week for me..then the old man went for a dive to try and get one of those crays that i know right in my giller spot..tried to warn him but he wouldn’t listen..”the sharks wont show up if you dont put bait in the water he in he gets and i just sat there on a high rock waiting for a giller to show up..sure enough after 2 mins he went to dive down and then came shooting to the surface and swam full speed towards the rocks pale as a ghost…”a big fucken shark just swam at me he says..hahahaha he wont dive in there again!